Thursday, 18 January 2018
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Home Tint

Looking for a little extra privacy in your home? Don’t fight with stubborn blinds or clumsy curtains. We are the window-tinting experts and we’ve got your windows covered, with tint film that is.

For commercial and residential tinting we choose carefully from 3 of our favorite tint film lines, Solartek, Lumar, and Solargard, depending on your tint needs. Not quite convinced that commercial/residential window tinting is for you?

1) Increased Energy Savings
Tinting makes your windows more energy efficient. The window tint film minimizes heat loss in the winter and heat gain in the summer, which saves you money on fuel and electricity! It also lowers the loss of air conditioning in hotter months.

2) Cuts Back on Damaging UV Rays and Sun Glare
Window films can reduce the sun’s UV rays by over 90%, some even by 99%. UV protection is necessary for your family’s/staff’s health and can protect valuable furniture and artwork from damaging sunrays. Because of window tint film’s ability to block out UV rays, it is also great for reducing sun glare in your home or office without the use of blinds or curtains.

3) Safety and Protection
Another reason to consider adding window tinting for your home or business is its security and safety feature. Window tint films keep your windows sealed from the elements and add a resistance from breakage. If you live in a high hurricane risk area there are special tint films that are thicker to increase safety in natural disasters.

4) Privacy
Window tint films can be used to give you clear views of the outside, without letting your neighbors easily see into your home or office or sacrificing sunlight the way curtains and blinds can.

Here are some FAQ’s on tinting…