Monday, 18 December 2017
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FAQ’s Car Starters

1. Will Remote Car Starters Void My New Car Warranty?
The Magnuson Moss Act forbids a vehicle manufacturer from doing this. Click on the link above to learn more.

2. Are Remote Car Starters are Bad For My Car?
No. In fact, allowing your car to warm up for several minutes before running can extend the life of your motor and improve your gas mileage.

3. Can I get a car starter if I have a manual transmission?
Yes you can! Today’s Remote Car Starter technology has come a long way and now there are some great brands out there designed to operate with manual transmissions. We stand by Compustar.

4. I park in my garage, do I need a long range remote starter?
You’re not always at home. You might need to park 100 yards away while you’re out on the town. We have models of remote starters that are designed for long distances and give you confirmation so you know your car will be warmed up and ready to go when you are. Why not use your starter when it counts.

5. I Have Keyless Entry Already. Do I need to add a car starter?
You probably do. Your factory remote has probably less than 100 ft. of range. A car starter can add to the range on your keyless entry remote so you can use the lock system from even greater distances. Not to mention all of the other convenience features that you can add to your starter installation.

6. My Key Has a “Chip” in it Can I Get A Remote Car Starter?
Most keys these days have a “chip” in them designed to prevent your car from being hotwired. Remote starters essentially “hot wire” your car but in a very controlled way. We can fool your car into believing that the key is in the ignition. In most cases, it is a matter of installing an additional “bypass module.” This module replicates the actions of that chip, and allows the car to start.

7. Can’t my friend just install it for me?
Please don’t do it! We understand you may want to save money but today’s vehicles are becoming more technologically advanced. Your buddy could install your starter for you but we can guarantee that without our training and expertise, a lot of things could go wrong. Don’t pay for mistakes, pay for quality that lasts.

8. Aren’t car starters only useful for a few months?
Car starters aren’t just for frigid winter days. They can be great for the dog days of summer too. Just make sure your heat/AC system is set before you leave your car and let your car starter take care of the rest.